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nestled on top of The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon...

Envisioned by Ou Baholyodhin, Ojo’s glittering and golden design recalls a journey across Central America. Ojo’s rich, jewel-toned aesthetics take inspiration from the continent’s precious metals and gemstones. Subtle references to the mysticism of ancient civilizations reveal themselves in unexpected moments. Woven together, Ou blends old-world glamor with futuristic glitz.

The Designer

Ou Baholyodhin has set new standards with his discerning approach to design. The designer’s creative sensibility is rooted in his diverse educational and professional background. From training in furniture and product design to studying architecture and political science, Baholyodhin has cultivated a multifaceted style inspired by his journeys around the world.

Design Inspiration

Ojo’s bold design recalls Baholyodhin’s journey through Central America. Inspired by ancient civilizations in Mexico, Baholyodhin incorporated symbolism and mysticism throughout the venue. The Mayans, known for their mathematical prowess, influenced our gorgeous geometrical forms and the maze-like pleated mirrors that adorn our restaurant. The name Ojo itself is guided by one of the most sacred symbols in both ancient and modern worlds, and you’ll find eyes woven into our restaurant whether through macrame or crystal quartz.